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10 fun situations that only the first parents will recognise

Confuse the baby monitor with the phone, not remember the name of your child, burn the food, stay asleep anywhere … Do you hear any of these situations? If you are the first-time parents, you must have seen some of them!


Having a baby certainly, changes your life in every way. Not only your priorities change, but also your daily habits. The first few months are full of magic and joy, but they are also a bit complicated, at least until we adapt to the new situation. During this period, and probably due to the lack of sleep, you have probably had little misunderstandings or strange things happened like the ones shown below. In which of these 10 fun situations have you been?

  1. Start the car without realizing that you had left something on the roof

Something that happens very often when we are folding and storing the stroller in the trunk. Who has not left while shopping, coffee, keys, mobile or bag over the car? Remember to look before you boot!

  1. Have a rush of joy when your baby manages to sleep four hours in a row

A sensation comparable to the lottery!

  1. Burn the food

You watch your baby, you change the diaper, you do some mime, you play with him … And, ups! You forget that the food was in the oven.

  1. Listen to your baby (or see him) even when you’re not with him

Confess it: it has happened to you too!

the first parents


  1. Look for objects all over the house when you actually wear them

The glasses on the head, the remote in the hand …

  1. Losing your child at home …

… and find it so that

  1. Prepare the trip, load the car and … forget your destination

When we have a baby and we are ready to make a trip, we already know that 90% of the car will be loaded with things. Car, crib, diapers, toilet bag, clothes, baby bottles, … We worry so much that nothing is missing that when we finally get into the car and we get ready to boot, even forget where we were going.

  1. Pick up the baby monitor thinking it’s the phone

And even begin to speak for him!

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  1. Forget the name of your child

It will happen more times than you think …

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  1. Throw you in bed and sleep in record time.

At least until you believe you hear your baby crying, something that you will detect even in the deepest sleep.

Despite the small disappointments, the lack of sleep and the nerves of the first months, the truth is that in the end, the children manage to fill our day to day with joy and moments that are worthwhile … even when they do of yours! Here we leave you a fun compilation of children’s tragedies with which you are surely identified,

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