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10 things you should never tell a pregnant woman.

We all know that pregnancy leads to hormonal ups and downs. This, coupled with the discomfort of certain physical changes during these nine months of gestation, can cause our mood to be affected … negatively! Especially when we repeat the same annoying comments.

Here are 10 phrases you should never tell a pregnant woman and 10 answers you probably get if you do. Be careful!

01. Will this be your last baby? “How will I know? Let me have this first!”

02.  Let’s hope it’s a girl this time!”I actually hoped he was an elephant …”.

03. Can I touch your gut?“Only if I can touch your ass, am I done?”

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04. You look tired “And you look stupid.

05. My Mother, you are huge! Are you sure they’re not twins? “Forget the ultrasounds, I think you’ve given 100% on the nail. Good thing you told me!


06. Have not you had the baby yet?“Yes, I did. I’m just walking around with a basketball under my shirt to scare people like you.”

07. You do not have a big gut, right?“Kind of like your brain.”

08. Was it planned?“The incredible sex session, yes, the baby, not so much.”

09. Are you sure you can eat that?“Be careful or the next one who eats me will be you!”

10. The son of a friend of mine was crying non-stop for the first two months.“Thanks for the cheering!”

What is your opinion?

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