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5 benefits of exercise during pregnancy

recommended exercise during pregnancy

In this article, you will discover the most important benefits of exercise during pregnancy.both for your health and for your baby

For years there has been much speculation about the pros and cons of exercise during pregnancy. Until recent times, the exercise was thought to conflict with being pregnant.

recommended exercise during pregnancy
5 benefits of exercise during pregnancy

However, it is demonstrated that the practice of exercise during pregnancy benefits the health of the pregnant woman, as well as the preparation and recovery after childbirth.

Even so, less than half of the women in the state are practicing sport on a regular basis and adapted to their needs. In general Physical exercise during pregnancy will depend on each mother and each pregnancy but its benefits are universal.

  1. Take care of your back

It helps relieve the discomfort that comes with the growth of the baby. As the baby gains weight, the woman’s back is forced to endure those extra pounds and the specific sport helps to take care of her back and strengthen the muscles throughout the body.

  1. Helps you to rest better

Doing sport helps the mother to rest better and reduces the risk of gestational or postpartum depression.

  1. Keeps weight controlled

Another of the benefits of conducting controlled physical exercise during pregnancy is weight management. Sport reduces the risk of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or premature labor due to obesity or excessive weight gain during that stage.

  1. Improve and strengthen the heart.

Improvement of the cardiorespiratory condition of the mother. Women who exercise have better blood circulation and more oxygen in the body. In addition, a relevant study published by researchers at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences argues that exercise during pregnancy is not only good for the mother but also for the fetus as it strengthens her heart.

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  1. Prepares you for childbirth

Finally, exercising helps the pregnant woman to be better prepared for childbirth and to manage pain better. Sport can reduce not only the pain but also strengthen and generate a greater elasticity of the abdomen and pelvis, and therefore the body is better prepared before the time of childbirth.

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The obstetric physiotherapist and the midwife will help you know which dilatation postures are correct, as well as the correct placement of the pelvis for the time of delivery. We also like to carry out postpartum follow-up that takes into account breastfeeding, care, and newborn care.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy or sports supervised by a specialist are wide and proven and also affect the future baby, but should not end once you have given birth. Exercising after childbirth encourages the subsequent recovery of the mother’s physical form, but care must be taken with the type of exercise performed and when to re-do it.

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