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9 habits that may be preventing you from getting pregnant.

15% of couples of reproductive age have trouble conceiving. Among the factors that can cause these difficulties, there are some related to the lifestyle that can be corrected. We tell you what are the habits that may be distancing you from your dream of being a mother.

  1. Carrying a poor diet:

Carrying an unbalanced diet can boycott your intentions to become pregnant. Excessive consumption of processed products, animal fats, refined sugar or salt is not conducive to conception. In addition, these promote overweight and obesity, which cause alterations in the menstrual process. So, if you want to get it, we recommend you start taking care of your food and bet foods rich in antioxidants and folic acid. It is also important to get adequate intake of vitamins B, C and E, as well as zinc and selenium, which improve sperm quality. Your best allies? Fruits and vegetables.

  1. Stressful situations

Stress, in addition to affecting many other aspects of your life, also affects your fertility. When an alteration occurs in the central nervous system this influences the hormonal cycle, which regulates the reproductive system. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you flee from those situations and relax whenever you can.

  1. Little sleep

Lack of sleep influences metabolism and increases stress, so you can reduce the chances of conceiving. So, try to get enough sleep (between 7 and 8 hours a day). Setting a time to go to bed or reduce activity during the previous hours can help you sleep better.

  1. Drink too much coffee

How many coffees do you usually take each day? You should know that drinking more than three cups a day, or other foods containing caffeine, can affect your ability to get pregnant.

  1. Smoking

In both women and men, smoking reduces fertility. Smoking causes cellular damage, causes disorders of the menstrual cycle and impairs the quality of semen. However, such damages are reversible if you stop smoking, so say goodbye to tobacco!

  1. Drinking alcohol

As with tobacco, alcohol abuse also reduces the chances of having a child, both in men and women. Taking two or three alcoholic drinks a day would already negatively affect fertility. Will you keep it in mind before ordering the next round?

  1. Lead a sedentary life

Not exercising, in addition to damaging your health in general, also affects your chances of reproducing. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation and decreases stress. It also provides many other benefits, such as those you can see in the gallery. Of course, we recommend that the exercise is moderate, because the competition sport, by its intensity, can reduce the fertility.

  1. Use lubricants

Yes, as you read it. Some lubricants contain substances that can disrupt sperm and reduce their mobility. Make sure that the product you use does not have aggressive components!

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  1. Aggravate or pressure you to get pregnant

That’s right, that eagerness to be a mom may be provoking the exact opposite. Although it is advisable to have sex during the most fertile days (there are ovulation tests in the market that can help you), you should not lose sexual spontaneity. Strictly scheduling sex, obsessing or feeling pressure, can cause that stress that, as we have mentioned, is not beneficial.

Have you taken note? From here we encourage you to change all these habits, as doing so can help you improve your health and achieve the positive you are looking for in the pregnancy test.

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