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About us

Welcome to Pregamate.com. This website is an online blog about pregnancy and fertility related issues and about parenting, newborn care, nutrition, and diet.

We are an Indian couple who started this blog to help more people. We have passed through a long tunnel with our fertility treatment. As an expecting parent at this moment wants to share our knowledge and experiences with this Blog. We both individually love blogging and sharing knowledge over the internet.

We are trying our best to create some awesome articles and I hope that our work will help you a lot. You can also share our work on social Media to help more people.

Presently, that’s all about us and our blog www.Pregamate.com.

For issues about the advertisement, copyright issues or ideas sharing, you can you can contact us directly by our contact us page.


Mrs. Nuri Ara Begum & Mr. Aminul Haque