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How to become a mother through the surrogate gestation or belly rental?

Some of the celebrities who have become fathers and mothers through the surrogate gestation like Ricky Martin, Miguel Bosé or Sarah Jessica Parker etc.

What exactly is this process?

The United States is one of the countries that have promoted and normalized the process of surrogate gestation. In fact, it is the country most used by celebrities to become parents. In Spain, it seems that it is still a taboo subject and there are several doubts that arise about him.

the surrogate

How is this process?

What are its funding and duration?

How is the process of a surrogate gestation?

The process consists of three people:

  • an egg donor,
  • a semen donor and
  • a surrogate mother.

In the case of the donor of ovules can be the same woman who requests this method, or, in case that does not exist that possibility, that is a donor.

It is very important to know that “the child is the result of the ovum of another woman, previously fertilized, implanted in the uterus of the pregnant woman through the technique of embryo transference.” In this case, the pregnant woman has no genetic connection with the baby. The biological mother the donor of the egg, “explains Dídac Sánchez, president of Subrogalia.com and author of How to be parents for surrogacy and not die in the attempt, the first book on bellies for rent in Spain. On the other hand, the father may well participate in the process by providing the semen or else, through a donor.

If the treatment is a success, the next step is the implantation of embryos in the uterus of the surrogate mother, which will always be contingent upon the choice of the parents of the principals.

Do you also know about:

According to the Assisted Reproduction Law in Spain, any type of contract signed to father a child through surrogacy is not valid, and may even incur a criminal offense. But beyond our borders, there are many countries in which this process is not punished or punished by any law, such as the United States, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Mexico, Kazakhstan etc;.

In 2010, the Spanish State decided to recognize the children born by gestation surrogate, reason why the nationality of the child would be recognized through the pertinent procedure. In addition, recently, through a ruling of the Court of Human Rights of the European Community: “the Spanish government accepts the registration of children from gestation surrogates,” according to professionals in the sector.

What happens on many occasions, specifically in couples using this method, is that in order to register the child born to the surrogate motherhood in the registry, the biological mother must adopt her own child to be lawful.

What happens when the baby is born?

At the time the child is born, the biological parents travel to the country where the whole process has taken place. Other times, merely for economic reasons, not everyone can afford to do it in the United States, “says Dídac Sánchez. There, parents must stay from 8 days to 4 weeks, depending on the law.


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Surely, more than one of you have thought if you can establish a personal relationship between the principals’ parents and the surrogate mother. To this, Sánchez comments that: “Except in the case of the USA, where there is traditionally a relationship between the surrogate mother and the principals parents, in other countries there is no such tradition, and the relationship usually subscribes to be known in the But there is no impediment for the parties to know each other and to maintain a cordial and lasting relationship if the two parties so desire. ”


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A process that can cost more than 50,000 euros. A figure that will depend on the country and the management of the entire process. “It has a somewhat higher cost than adoption,” explains Dídac Sánchez. And so, it is estimated that prices range from 50,000 to 200,000 euros, according to Jordi Amo, head of the family area of Neo Vida, in an interview with El País. “In Thailand, the process is around 45,000 euros, while in the United States it can exceed 120,000, Mexico can be around 60,000 and Ukraine over 50,000 euros,” he explained.

The surrogate gestation becomes a different alternative to become parents, but it is also an option that makes it little accessible economically. What do you think of this process? Do you know any cases?

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