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Before getting pregnant how to prepare your body within 30 days.

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Today we present our guide to preparing your body in 30 days for the pregnancy. An essential manual you will be a mom with a series of tips before getting pregnant.

Think that during the 40 weeks of gestation, your body undergoes many changes, necessary to meet the needs of your baby. That is why you should not only think of yourself … It is time to think for two!

According to our guide to pregnancy, 30 days are sufficient to carry out a series of pre-pregnancy care. 30 days … No more. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

How to prepare the body before getting pregnant?

  • Go to your doctor

One of the most important tips for before getting pregnant is that you visit your doctor. It is fundamental that you enjoy a good state of health to be able to face the pregnancy properly. Most likely, I recommend that you perform a blood analysis that gives you an overview of your health status.

If necessary, the doctor will tell you if you need to take a vitamin or iron supplement to get your body ready to get pregnant. Later, you will have to take folic acid, in order to prevent certain malformations in the neural tube of your baby. Follow your doctor’s instructions at all times!

In the meantime, find out about recommended doses of folic acid before pregnancy, one of the most basic care to conceive.

  • Take care of your food

It is important that you always follow a balanced diet, but with more reason, if you are thinking about getting pregnant. Remember these tips before pregnancy and promote your fertility.

During pregnancy, you should avoid certain foods, such as very fatty or very seasoned in order to favor your digestions. And you should also ensure a sufficient supply of calories and nutrients for the development and growth of your baby.

Why not start with pre-pregnancy care? The best are foods that give you a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Exercise

There is nothing like doing some moderate physical activity to keep fit. During pregnancy, you will help strengthen muscles and joints, make you feel better and act as a prevention against the onset of certain pains.

Also, if you have a few pounds, regular exercise together with a balanced diet, will help you reach your ideal weight for when you get pregnant.

Yoga or Pilates are good ideas … but exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles are also ideal, which will prevent urine leakage when sneezing or coughing.

  • Stop smoking

It is obvious that when you are pregnant, you must stop smoking. This is one of the pre-pregnancy precautions you can take immediately. And undoubtedly, it is part of our guide to preparing your body in 30 days for pregnancy.

before getting pregnant symptoms
Before getting pregnant

Discover all the reasons why you stop smoking before pregnancy and avoid the harmful effects of smoking.

Of course, the same thing happens with alcohol. Get used to not drinking anything and so when you are pregnant, you will have the habit established.

  • Bye bye caffeine

One of the pre-pregnancy care is to reduce the amount of caffeine, not just coffee. Think that you should also reduce the consumption of cola drinks or tea.

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  • Try to relax

One of the best tips for getting pregnant is to try to live in peace. Stress and anxiety are not good partners in pregnancy.

Take the time to rest and take things easy. It is a good way to make it easier to get pregnant.

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Our guide to prepare your body within 30 days before getting pregnant, shows a series of essential that will help you prepare your body and your mind for the arrival of the most important moment of your life. It pays to be careful … Do not you think?

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