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Very early pregnancy signs and symptoms before missed period

Very early pregnancy signs and symptoms before missed period

From the moment of implantation, the hormones released by the woman and by the embryo itself will be responsible for the appearance of the first signs of pregnancy and to prepare the body to maintain the pregnancy. The first few days, in which the woman does not yet know she is pregnant, it is very common that no symptoms appear and that the disappearance of menstruation is the first indication of pregnancy.

Can I have symptoms of pregnancy if I have not had sex with vaginal penetration?

There are women who begin to present the first symptoms of pregnancy within a few days of implantation of the embryo in the uterus, others that will take longer and even there are women who will not have special symptoms.

If there is only one symptom, the probability of pregnancy is lower. However, if several are presented at a time, women will more easily become pregnant before the famous menstrual delay.

Symptoms during the first 15 days of pregnancy

In the vast majority of women, the first symptoms of pregnancy appear after 7 or 14 days from conception, ie in the first or second week of pregnancy. The most common are the following:

Changes in the breasts: apart from becoming much more sensitive and larger, the areolas begin to darken and small eruptions may appear on them.

Increased vaginal discharge (leucorrhea): Increased production of estrogen causes an increase in the amount of cervical fluid. This vaginal discharge or discharge is white, slightly thick and odorless. The cervical mucus will end up forming the mucus plug, whose function is to protect the uterus from the pregnant woman from the entry of harmful microorganisms.

Mild and punctual vaginal bleeding: it is quite common for bleeding to occur rarely between 7 and 10 days after fertilization. This slight bleeding is due to the implantation of the embryo in the uterine walls. It is a light puncture spot and of little intensity, usually of rosaceous or brownish color.

Feeling tired: It is normal to feel a slight discomfort during the first days of pregnancy due to the increase in basal temperature, the acceleration of the heart rate, the drop in blood pressure and the greater sensation of sleep.

Changes in smell and aversion to certain foods: the sensitivity of smell increases and begin to perceive odors that previously went unnoticed or even aromas to which the woman was accustomed now are repulsive.

Nausea and vomiting: Nausea does not usually begin to feel at least a month after conception but just as there are lucky people who never feel them, they also notice them very early. Most women will stop nausea when the second trimester begins.

The initial symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to premenstrual symptoms and, as they often occur before the period falls, are quite difficult to distinguish.

However, it is important to indicate that the absence of symptoms is not indicative of pregnancy or that it does not evolve as expected. As we have said, there are women who have symptoms of greater intensity and others who do not notice special changes.

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Symptoms in the first month of pregnancy

After the first 15 days since the implantation, it is more frequent for the woman to have the first suspicions of pregnancy and that the symptoms alert the woman that she may be pregnant.

Even so, changes are very common and sometimes pregnancy is not even the most likely cause. Common symptoms include:

Abdominal swelling: Due to hormonal changes, it is normal for the abdominal region to swell. In addition, estrogens cause an increase in fluid retention, so a pressure sensation similar to that before the rule may appear.

Increased urination: In the early stages of pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone concentrations are elevated, and beta-hCG, the hormone used to detect pregnancy, is also responsible for increasing blood supply to the pelvic region and Is responsible for the urge to urinate in the first few weeks. Subsequently, the increased urge to urinate will be associated with the volume of the uterus that presses the bladder, but this will be in the last gestational trimester.

Increased basal temperature: when the woman becomes pregnant, the basal temperature rises to at least one degree.

Mood swings are common and are due to hormonal changes.

  • Cravings: The hormone hCG is responsible for the sensory changes that provoke appetite or rejection for certain foods.
  • Dizziness, headache, or cramping – usually begin by the end of the first month of pregnancy, but some women may feel it from the beginning of pregnancy.

Most early pregnancy symptoms may be similar to premenstrual discomfort in many women, so early symptoms may go undetected. Two of the clearest and most obvious symptoms of pregnancy are the absence of a rule and a positive pregnancy test.

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Frequently asked questions about pregnancy signs before missed period.

If I have some pregnancy symptoms, am I pregnant?

Not necessarily, since the symptoms of pregnancy are very general and similar to those that may appear before menstruation (premenstrual symptoms). The only way to check if there really is a pregnancy is through the pregnancy test, which measures the hormone hCG, which only occurs if the woman is pregnant.

Very early pregnancy signs and symptoms before missed period

If I do not lower my period does it mean I’m pregnant?

Lack of menstruation is one of the most important signs of pregnancy, but a woman does not have menstruation does not always mean that she is pregnant. There is a possibility that you have some hormonal alteration that is influencing the menstrual cycle avoiding ovulation and menstruation.

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If the woman shows a delay of the rule can be made a test of pregnancy. If she refuses, she can repeat it in about 4-5 days, and if it comes back negative means that she is not pregnant.

If the menstruation does not appear in the following month, it is best to go to the doctor to check the hormonal levels through a blood test. If the hormonal alteration is confirmed, the doctor will put a solution with medication to regulate the cycles.

Can I have symptoms of pregnancy if I have not had sex with vaginal penetration?

There can be no pregnancy due to rubbing of the genitals or anal sex, vaginal penetration is necessary. Therefore, if the woman notices any bodily changes, discomfort or other symptoms similar to those of pregnancy, they will have another cause, such as the proximity of menstruation, hormonal decontrol or disease.

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