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Factors that increase fertility problems- What to do?

I want to have a baby! Making the decision is certainly one of the most important and momentous in a woman’s life. Posing motherhood is a great step that is lived with enthusiasm and many expectations. However, fears and uncertainties can also arise. Especially when pregnancy is not achieved. Review the most important thing you need to know about reproductive health, coinciding with the International Fertility Month in June.

fertility problems and solutionsGetting pregnant is not as simple as you think. And, there are too many factors that influence the fertility of a couple. According to Dr. Juan Ordás, an expert in reproductive medicine and collaborator of onmeda.es, “only 20% of couples get pregnant during the first month of sexual intercourse.” After a year, more than 15% have not yet succeeded. For this reason, if problems arise and the pregnancy does not arrive (after more than 12 months trying it and even before if you are old enough), it is important to go to a specialist, be well informed and have patience and calm. Today the range of possibilities in reproductive medicine is very wide and there are options customized for each couple. Because each case is unique, and also the treatment that is applied. Go to your doctor!

Fertility problems are common. So much so, that more than 20% of couples of reproductive age have trouble conceiving. According to the IVI reproductive medicine clinic, infertility affects more than 800,000 couples in our country. But when do we talk about sterility? According to experts, when a couple is unable to achieve a pregnancy after twelve months having sex without using any contraceptive method. Infertility is something else, in this case, refers to the impossibility of carrying out a pregnancy. We solve the myths of fertility.

Causes of infertility and infertility

The causes of infertility can be very diverse (Advanced age of the woman, injuries in the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, polycystic ovary …). However, many factors do not have to be related to problems that make gestation impossible. For example, did you know that stress, poor nutrition or overweight can also increase the likelihood of experiencing fertility problems because they directly affect reproductive health? According to the Ginefiv fertility clinic, having 10 kilos of overweight can increase fertility problems by up to 10%.

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Tobacco also has a negative influence on reproductive health. In fact, women who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day are reduced by up to 50% the chances of achieving a pregnancy, according to a recent study.

fertility problems and solutions

Conclusion: Being relaxed, enjoying your partner and leading a healthy lifestyle that includes good eating habits, exercise and relaxation techniques to control stress, is key if you are thinking about having a baby.

Review these motivating tips to lead a healthy life and start caring for you!

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