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Headache during pregnancy- What to do?

pregnancy headaches

Some women are more likely to suffer a headache during pregnancy. However, medication is only allowed to a very limited extent for expectant mothers. What to do?

Headaches are a real burden for some pregnant women

Everyone has a headache. Depending on the cause, usually, simply fresh air helps some relaxation or in more severe cases also a painkiller. This is often more complicated for pregnant women. Because of the unborn baby in the belly, one can no longer simply take medication. Nevertheless, it does not mean to endure here, but to get to the bottom of the cause. And find the right counterstrategy.


Headaches do not belong to the usual pregnancy problems, some pregnant women suffer more frequently from headaches than before.

A mild headache

For example, by hormonal changes, pregnant women may experience slight headaches. Especially at the beginning of the pregnancy, many women are tired and the physical changes disturb the usual rhythm. Anyone who has children or has a job in the job often does not get the necessary rest.

Try to get enough sleep, close your eyes and breathe the fragrance of lavender oil, so you can relax.

Very important: sufficient liquid. Frequently, pregnant women do not drink enough. About two liters a day should be. Tea and water are the first choices, but pregnant women do not have to do without coffee. A normal amount of two to three cups is not a problem at all – provided there are no individual restrictions.

Anyone who is constantly tired and has a headache often suffers from low blood pressure. Here, movement and fresh air help: swimming, walking, cycling. Pregnant women can and should do sports, as long as the sport does not entail a high risk of accidents. Sports activities during pregnancy support the circulation.

Iron deficiency and associated blood glut are a typical cause of headaches. If the doctor has diagnosed iron deficiency, an iron-rich diet can no longer fill the empty stores. Then, for example, iron tablets or extracts from the herbal extracts, which are available without prescription in the pharmacy, help.

Tension headaches

Anger in the relationship, fear of the future with the baby, finding a bigger apartment or simply doing a lot in the office – the normal life can stress so that the muscles in the shoulders and neck tension and headaches trigger. In such cases, relaxation techniques such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, acupuncture and relaxing massages help. The right method must be found for each pregnant woman herself.

Quick help with tension head pain: Diluted peppermint oil on forehead and temple. In the pharmacy, there are ready dilutions, which are especially suitable for headaches.


About a fifth of women in the USA suffer from a migraine. If these women become pregnant, many of them benefit from the hormonal changeover. The migraine attacks become less frequent or stop completely. In some women, however, seizures are also caused by pregnancy. In some patients, the so-called auras can occur for the first time. These are visual perceptions that often accompany migraine attacks.

Frequently, pregnant women are afraid of the severe headache of a migraine. To be pregnant does not mean to have to give up completely on drugs.

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When should pregnant women with a headache to the doctor?

A headache can be a sign of a serious illness. If someone suddenly gets a headache, see flashes or asterisks for the first time, experience perceptual disturbances or very strong headaches, and then she should definitely go to the doctor. A very high blood pressure can cause severe headaches and even spasms – with life-threatening dimensions for mother and child.

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Usually, pregnant women are then immediately transferred to a hospital. There, the blood pressure is adjusted and the pregnant women monitored for some time. High blood pressure can also be a sign of a life-threatening pregnancy poisoning.

In a case of very severe headaches, patients should always go to the hospital immediately. They may be signs of a stroke or venous occlusion. Such severe complications, however, are rare.

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