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International Survey on Egg Donation, what do women think about this.

Due to the great interest aroused by the egg donation issue, Ovulum conducted the I International Egg Donation Survey and the results are more than surprising. Here you have all the data.

Surely you have read enough articles or know some case of egg donation either from your own experience because you have a friend who has donated eggs or received from a donor.


Egg donation is one of the most used and successful techniques in assisted reproduction treatments and with a great growth in the last years, mainly because the woman delays more and more the age of its first pregnancy. All this means that there is a greater demand for egg donors and that it is necessary to know in depth what motivates the act of donating eggs in women.

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For this reason, at the end of 2016, Ovulum launched the I International Survey on Egg Donation to find out what women think, what their knowledge is, their experience if they donated eggs, their motivations, etc. …

This survey was conducted to women in Spain, Argentina, and Mexico and included the last question as a novelty in this type of survey which turned out to be the most interesting in terms of their answers. “Is there anything you want to add?” It was an open and non-mandatory question, where the respondent could answer anything. In general, this type of question does not usually have a very high response, but in this survey, of the 599 women who completed it, 201 answered that question, that is, 33.56%.

Who answered that question?

The country classification of the respondents who answered that question was:

Spain: 72 reviews – 35,82%

Mexico: 81 reviews – 40.30%

Argentina: 48 comments – 23.88%

And their ages were between 18 and 38 years, although, of these, 93.03% were between 18 and 30 years; Also distinguished whether they had experience in egg donation or not.

Egg Donation

How were comments rated?

The 201 comments received were classified into three groups: Positive, Negative and Other. Positive comments included those in favor of egg donation, who spoke of good treatment received at the clinic (for egg donor cases), etc. For the negatives were taken that were against the donation of eggs, those who spoke of a not very good treatment in the clinic, etc. And other comments included those more neutral or on the one hand, were in favor and, on the other, against the donation of eggs. According to this classification, the comments were:

Positives: 139 reviews – 69.15%

Negatives: 26 comments – 12.94%

Other: 36 comments – 17.91%

Some of the comments that should be noted

Due to the large number of comments raised by the survey poll, Qualitative Results of the I International Ovulation Donation Survey [2016], we show you some of the most significant, as they were written by the respondents.

Personally, I would not want to have children in the future so I think it would be a good idea to give that opportunity to women who do need it but can not have them. So it’s one thing I’d like to do (Spain, 25, not egg donor).

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I really did it to help other moms since I, when I donated I had the right ovules for the donation, and if in the future I could not be a mom naturally I would like to be helped, and I would like to add that I do not want to I have donated ovules publicly. Thank you. (Spain, 20 years, donor of ovules).

We should all have the culture to donate, give happiness to those who need it feel great, I am delighted with my donations: D (Mexico, 29 years old, egg donor).

I thought it was wrong that the gynecologist who attended me told me that he would want to see me after the puncture to see that he was, but he did not give me any revision, even though I had very strong pains. (Spain, 20 years, donor of ovules).

The biggest fear is when the baby is born as Mom could not because I would like to have it with me to be My child (Argentina, 26, not egg donor).

But we also care about your opinion, do you agree with any of these comments? On the contrary, do you have a totally different opinion?

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