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The keys to becoming a mother after 40

There are many reasons why a woman may decide to delay motherhood. Look for economic stability, emotional stability, professional success, the maturity that gives the age … We tell you what are the keys and myths of late motherhood.

The biological clock often plays against social pressure or age appropriate in medicine to have children. The times that have run have made maternity take other paths and even now women may consider deciding to be mothers after 40, something unthinkable in the times of our grandmothers.

If we look at the recently published data on pregnancies, we see that our country is one in which mothers decide to become pregnant (for the first time) later, with an average of 30.7 years, while in 2000 the number of mothers Who have children at 40 and between 2014 and 2015, the figure increased by 26%. Late motherhood could be said to be a trend.

The low ovarian quality or low oocyte reserve are some of the obstacles that female biology places on the road to motherhood, so it is unlikely that spontaneous pregnant women at 40 are possible, but that is no longer impossible. That 5% of women who try it after 35 years succeed, according to recent studies. But we can always resort to techniques with which: “It is possible and it is a reality. Just as a fact, 40% of the consultations in IVI during the year 2015 were for women over the age of 40. Although we also know that getting a Spontaneous pregnancy is less likely, for purely physiological reasons, hence the reproductive medicine develop techniques and procedures to help these women, “says Dr. Requena, medical director of the IVI centers.

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The positive side of being mothers after 40

One of the first questions that we are all assaulted is the fear of the risks that may be suffered by both mother and baby. “The greatest risk is the chromosomal defect in the fetus but they can be minimized,” according to the doctor. And there are techniques that can help prevent such as: “The analysis to know the chromosomal map of the embryo before transferring and thus provide more guarantee of success in pregnancy but also a greater safety in obtaining a healthy embryo. The analysis is not only advisable, but almost an obligation for these women, and on the other hand, prevention.If we can not go against society and its reality, let’s go hand in hand, “explains Dr. Requena.

Another key to late motherhood is the maturity with which women face it and is that “emotional, economic and professional stability is an optimum and advantageous moment to face a pregnancy and a child,” he adds.

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Another fact that encourages those women who are thinking of motherhood is that “mothers over 40 who seek pregnancy achieve 95% of them through assisted reproduction treatments. The most in demand are In Vitro Fertilization and the newest vitrification Of eggs.This is to freeze the eggs during the fertile age to implant them in the future, thus guaranteeing pregnancy with own eggs and the tranquility of having a healthy baby in the future.Women who wish to delay their motherhood can do so by freezing their eggs Through this procedure.

late motherhood

Advice for women who are thinking about motherhood after 40

According to experts, those women who are considering the possibility of being mothers for the first time, after the 40, should take into account the following tips:

  • To carry out a medical study to start from a good state of health
  • The years in this age group are decisive so we can not expect much more. If a natural pregnancy does not arrive after 6 months, it is recommended to put it in the hands of a specialist.
  • It is important to carry out a previous chromosomal study of the embryos.
  • When pregnancy does not arrive with our own eggs, we must know that there is the possibility of Ovo donation with eggs from donated women.

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