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pregnancy test reliability before missed period.

If you have doubts about pregnancy test reliability, this interests you. We tell you from when you can use them to be reliable and other details about their operation that can help you. Take note!

The pregnancy test reliability, which measures the level of HCG hormone in the urine, is the fastest and most widely used method to confirm if a woman is pregnant. This type of test, whose appearance is similar to that of a thermometer, can be purchased at the pharmacy. Although its use is very simple, doubts can sometimes arise on whether the result is reliable or not, when to do it or how it works. From here we tell you everything you need to know.

pregnancy test reliability before periodOne of the most frequent questions in case of a possible pregnancy revolves around when it can be verified by means of a test. If you have suspicions, it is best to do so from the first week of menstruation or 14 days after the possible fertilization. However, there are some pregnancy tests with early detection that can give results even 5 days before the date that your period should start. In addition, some offer more accurate data such as the number of weeks of pregnancy, if any.

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Once you have chosen the one most appropriate for you, the first thing to do is read the prospectus. Although their use is often the same, there may be some variations. You can do it any time of the day, but the best time is first thing in the morning. The first urine of the day is more concentrated and, if there is pregnancy, will contain more of the hormone GCH.

pregnancy test reliability before period

The procedure is very simple, you will have to deposit the urine in a clean container and then insert the stick inside (the narrowest area). Then wait for the indicated time, which is usually 5 minutes, until the result appears. If only one line of color appears, the result is negative and if two are displayed, it is positive.

These tests offer 99% pregnancy test reliability, so if you have followed the steps correctly, there is no reason to fail. In spite of this, if you still have doubts about the result, we recommend that you go to the doctor to confirm it.

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