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Preparing for childbirth : All you need to know

preparing for childbirth is always one of the moments that cause more insecurity and fears to the mothers.

Being a mother is an important time for some women, but when it is the first time it can cause many doubts and fears. Pregnancy physically and psychologically affects women and can often also affect the lives of the prospective parents in a transcendental way. Changes in the body, in habits and routines, in a mood, and in physical and health status.

The expectation of the baby, is usually carried with emotion, much desire and joy, but at the same time, it is also normal to feel overwhelmed and lost: many mothers feel radiant and stronger than ever, but it is also very common to feel fear before the Future responsibilities entailed by being a mother, especially when you are a first-time mother.

  • How should I care for the baby?
  • Why cry? Can he be sick?
  • How can I calm it?
  • Will he be eating enough?  These are the typical questions of any first-time mother and father.

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If it is your case, and you are going to be a mother for the first time, do not fear, all those feelings and doubts that you are feeling are normal and we want to help you to make pregnancy a memorable, beautiful and happy life. The more we are interested, is that you feel prepared for childbirth, without fears or doubts.


To live the pregnancy calmly and not to fear the moment of the birth, it is fundamental that you are informed of all the options that you have at your disposal to cope with this stage in a healthy and emotionally stable way, to take care of your baby already since Belly and so that the moment of giving birth is not something feared and traumatic.

In this special, you will find a lot of useful information on how pregnancy is week by week, how your diet should be during the nine months, what sports and exercises are the most recommended in your state, such as pilates or yoga for pregnant women. We also deny all those myths that are passed from generation to generation without much logic and science, we help you to be clear that is normal and what not and, we also think, that every woman wants to look beautiful, even during pregnancy.

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Perhaps one of our most important articles for your preparing for childbirth is the one we have titled how “11 things you should know about preparing for childbirth “; Essential to get up to date on those details that you have to take into account to know how to act calmly and safely at the time of giving birth.

preparing for childbirth ukDid you know that you can not bring your painted nails to the parlor? Curious and important things like this, we tell them in our compilation of articles thought especially for you, future mother.

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