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The safest sleeping position during pregnancy

pregnant best way to sleep

Sleeping well when you are pregnant is not easy. Between finding the ideal posture with which you feel comfortable and safest sleeping position during pregnancy for the baby, as well as possible nightmares or anxiety, the nights can be made eternal. We give you some tips so you can rest properly.

Nausea, heartburn, anxiety, the need to continually go to the bathroom … are some of the symptoms of pregnancy that can make life impossible for you to rest. The nights become eternal and, surely, during the last stage, you will notice it even more because of the size of the gut. So how should a pregnant woman sleep? Ideally, you choose the posture that you feel best, but it is true that there are some that are more suitable than others. Here we tell you what is the safest sleeping position during pregnancy.

Lying on the left side

During pregnancy, experts recommend sleeping on the left side as this position helps blood and nutrients flow to the uterus and your baby.

Also, with this position, your kidney can remove waste and fluids more easily. It is also the best because it is the one that helps you sleep better.

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On the side with a pillow between the legs

This will keep the spine straight and avoid putting the weight of one leg over another. In addition, you can also use long pillows that allow you to support the belly, which will give you greater security.

With feet elevated

One of the most uncomfortable problems of the pregnancies are the cramps in the part of the twins. If you suffer from poor circulation, you have swollen ankles or legs and the feeling of feeling like a balloon you can try to sleep with your legs up (resting on cushions). It will help the circulation flow and prevent the onset of varicose veins, punctures, and cramps.


It is one of the least recommendable positions included with the face down. In this case, sleeping on your back can cause poor circulation because the entire weight of your uterus, intestines and inferior vena cava is placed on your back, which can also affect your digestion.


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In case you have any stomach discomfort, reflux or poor food, one of the recommended postures is to be placed semi-rested with the help of cushions or cushions for support. The goal of safest sleeping position during pregnancy is always to be comfortable.

Have you taken note? Choose the one that best suits your needs and with which you are most comfortable. We hope you rest and enjoy the pregnancy very much, it is a stage that you will always remember.

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